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First Aid education in schools

First Aid education in schools is such a welcome addition to the National Curriculum.

Children, from the early part of their education, will be taught basic first aid and how to support their health and wellbeing. As children grow older the curriculum will expand to teach life saving techniques. However, the exciting addition to the National Curriculum will not come into play until 2020 and parents don’t want their school to wait. So what can you do right now to see First Aid taught at your child’s school or nursery?

Mini First Aid have created Multi Award winning classes for children from as young as 3 years old and they have been developed with education specialists to make sure that not only are the subjects covered appropriate for the age and ability of the child, but also that the teaching styles are innovative, memorable and fun.

At a Mini First Aid Early Years Class, children are introduced to basic first aid and our very own hero Freddie, who has his own story books available. Children learn how to make the all important 999 call, get help and what to expect if they are injured. In our latest class in the series, children learn about safe eating techniques “Sit, Chop, Chew" to avoid choking. 

Mini First Aid Kids classes expand to cover more hands-on first aid techniques and see children exploring how to respond to emergency first aid situations from burns, to breaks, to CPR.

Here is what Kate, Mini First Aid founder and class creator had to say;  ‘No child will remember first aid by watching a DVD in a mass group. They need games, role-play and hands on activities, and likewise children respond very differently to teachers if they don’t engage well or present themselves at the right level. The quality of the trainer is also hugely important. Mini First Aid has invested heavily to ensure that both our class lesson plans and the training of our children’s class trainers is absolutely top notch.”

We asked Kate about Mini First Aid providing children’s first aid teaching for our child’s education setting. “Mini First Aid provide classes that are affordable, as we know budgets are often tight. We have a variety of creative ways of fundraising for the lessons and if your setting needs advice, our trainers will be hand to discuss. Mini First Aid can demonstrate where both the Early Years Classes (EYFS curriculum) and Kids Classes (KS1 & KS2) are reflective of the curriculum, both current and planned, under the new Government commitments for first aid teaching. Not only that, I am excited to announce that NEW classes from Mini First Aid for secondary age children and students will be revealed soon!”

So, if you want to see our Award Winning classes in your nursery or school, share this article with your child’s teacher today and visit minifirstaid.co.uk

If you would like to purchase Mini First Aid books and products please visit our shop.

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